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Volkswagen Tiguan

Tiguan - the first compact crossover Volkswagen. Sonorous name is derived from the combination of the words tiger (tiger) and iguana (Iguana). The car was awarded an athletic appearance. Designers managed to make a very harmonious and attractive look. The long hood line, direct-pillars, the wide wheel arches. In sacrifice monumental body was brought to the drag coefficient (Cx): he's Tiguan is 0.37. The platform has been adopted from the Volkswagen Golf.

Volkswagen Tiguan is available in three trim levels: Trend & Fun, Sport & Style, Truck & Field. The first two complete different from the third form of the front overhang. Transportable pastors designed to operate in a metropolis and has limited off-road ability, the maximum angle of entry is limited to 18 degrees, while the off-road version of the Track & Field can conquer the slopes up to 28 degrees. Sport & Style by spring and damper settings focused on sporty driving. Chrome cross bar on the grille, chrome roof rails and 17-inch wheels make the appearance more sporty. Track & Field has a reliable splash guard and allows the driver to include a special offroad mode with modified damper settings, electronic differential lock and a special mode with the descent from the mountain or vice versa when starting uphill.

Offroad mode is activated at the touch of a button, starting in place a number of auxiliary electronic systems. Assistant movement downhill automatically controls the speed at the approach of the mountain. Assistant movement on the rise changes the characteristics of the engine management system and prevents clutch wear. Changing the mode of the accelerator allows precise dosage of torque, and the work of the ABS is also optimized for off-road driving. Tiguan chassis is designed to successfully overcome any road surface. 4Motion AWD distributes torque between the axles and the individual wheels. The system determines the slip in a split second and instantly distributes traction. When driving on the pavement in a quiet mode much more car automatically in front mode, which increases efficiency. Basic version Tiguan FWD.

The interior of the family reigns rigor. All high quality and ergonomically. Instruments got a bright blue light on the Golf. The rear seat has longitudinal adjustment of 16 cm and a backrest with adjustable tilt, allowing for better passenger comfort or increase the useful amount of luggage. Seat is in parts of 40:60, and smuggle Tiguan Track & Field and Sport & Style is standard equipment folding front passenger seat, so easy to adjust the interior for carrying long items.
In the base of the Tiguan shines chrome and protect passengers from the rays of the scorching sun and athermal glass tinted rear windows. The bottom of the pastors also antigraviynuyu engine protection and defense, which will safely move down from the paved road on the dirt road. In addition to the boot that fits in its depths of up to 650 kg of cargo on the roof rails are provided, which can withstand up to 100 kg of cargo in addition.

Tiguan - the first SUV in the world, can be combined only turbo engines. For Russian buyers, two new engine series TSI: 1,4 TSI dual supercharged 150-hp and turbocharged 2,0 TSI 170 hp Both engines are equipped with a 6-speed manual and automatic transmission respectively. Average fuel consumption: 8.4 - 9.9 l / 100 km. These engines feature low noise and meet Euro 5. For the markets of other countries are also invited to the two-liter turbo engine with direct injection 200 HP

An extensive list of electronic systems, as standard, as well as an option - a distinctive feature of all models from Volkswagen. Tiguan is equipped with ABS, the system maintain stability, system, tire pressure monitoring. Infotainment system combines a music center and a navigation system. The system is managed active screen Touchscreen. Maps and multimedia files stored on a hard disk capacity of 30 GB. There is a slot for SD memory cards, which can be downloaded via MP3 files. Innovative feature of the navigation system is useful when driving off-road in the area, for which there is no electronic charts. The device can store up to 500 waypoints en route, so that is always possible to find a way back. As an option, you can order options such as rear-view camera system and Park Assist, which itself determines the possibility of parking space, and controls the rotation of the steering wheel.

European Organization for the Protection of Consumer Rights Euro NCAP has tested the safety car, and the results were excellent. After a series of crash tests Tiguan was awarded five stars for occupant protection and the sum taken the lead in security in the class of compact crossovers. Basic equipment (in Europe) offers: front airbags, side airbags to protect the head and body, front seat belts with pre-tensioners and force limiters, front seat belt not fastened switch, ISOFIX anchorages in the rear outboard positions.
Tiguan model has become a very successful project. Since its debut in 2007, it did not come down from the first lines of sales rankings. To maintain consumer interest at the Geneva Motor Show in 2011, was introduced redesigned crossover, which the company had high hopes.

Externally, the updated Tiguan is not much different from its predecessor. The car is available in four trim levels: Trend & Fun, Track & Field, Sport & Style and Track & Style, the latter is only available with 140-horsepower diesel engine and automatic. Each version has its own idiosyncrasies. Bumpers and sills in the Track & Field version improves the vehicle off-road ability, and Sport & Style version makes the look more trendy and sporty. Off-road version is longer than 177 mm, has a better geometric cross and equipped only with all-wheel drive transmission. Version of the city can be monoprivodnoy.

Design updated Tiguan - it's a long hood line, direct-pillars, the wide wheel arches. Exterior was a little more like an adult and elder brother Volkswagen Touareg, what is especially helpful front LED optics. Gloss black grille styled to reflect the new corporate style and is decorated with chrome moldings. Rounded rear brake lights predecessor replaced with more spectacular angular shape. This can only add the updated thresholds, 16 or 17-inch alloy wheels and chrome roof rails. Ground clearance is 195 mm - exactly the same parameters and the model Volkswagen Touareg.

Interior Volkswagen Tiguan 2011 is not preterplen fundamental change. Special attention should be a new multi-function steering wheel on the model Golf IV and the information display on the updated dashboard. The center console has changed the location of buttons and has more chrome. Changed the climate control unit, and the engine start button placed on the left of the checkpoint. The front panel is soft and pleasant to the touch, and all the niches and drawers, of which a great many VW Tiguan, lined with soft material. In the most expensive version of the bundle offers quality leather trim brown. Specialists have worked on VW and soundproofing. There are four trim levels: S, SE, Sport and Escape.

Three of the seven new powertrains. The four gasoline engines TSI: 1.4 liters and capacity of 122 and 160 hp, 2.0-liter capacity and 180 and 210 horsepower. Three diesel engine capacity of 2.0 liters providing moschnost110, 140 and 170 hp In Russia, all crossover Tiguan still equipped with either manual or automatic six-speed transmission. Model for the European market in 2011 went from "automatic" to seven-speed robotized transmission with dual-clutch DSG.

Optional suspension DCC allows you to select the optimum settings depending on the movement (Normal, Sport and Comfort). If the old Tiguan could only park parallel to the curb, then the new system by the second generation of Park Assist can get up and perpendicular. For the successful execution of maneuver meet twelve ultrasonic sensors with a range of 4.5 m So when parallel parking Tiguanu need stock front and back for only 40 cm (previously at least 70 cm).
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