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The new, seventh edition Volkswagen Golf will be released in the spring, and in Europe to buy a new VW Golf 7 will be in the summer. Many experts believe that the Volkswagen Golf 7 will be much more interesting for drivers than actual current version six.

The reason for this is clear to all those involved in car on a professional level: Golf 6 - it's just a radical modernization Volkswagen Golf V. In the case of Golf 7, all will be different: it will not be restyling model, but really a new car.

Golf 7 differs from the sixth version of the more radical design. You can see this if you look at Volkswagen Golf 7 - machine has a more radical line of the body than the sixth version, with its smooth edges. However, guess the car "popular hatchback" no difficulty. The car is similar with his countryman Audi, even some parts are suitable for Audi Golf 7.

Golf 7 could appear before, because the need for change was felt by the manufacturer for a long time: the last six versions of the car superficially very similar to each other. Golf 7 right has to have a new design. For example, changes probably affect LED optics - new lights will be borrowed from the Golf R and Volkswagen Polo, and the front lights are very reminiscent of Jett and Passat.

Let us hope that the German designers will create a really new machine - and incidentally, we're all will see next year.

Golf 7 will be smaller than its predecessor. The reason is that the manufacturer used a lot of parts of the platform Volkswagen Polo. According to specialists, reduced size car will significantly reduce the price of the Volkswagen Golf 7, thereby attracting additional customers.

Big changes will affect not only the appearance of the car, but the "inner content." Volkswagen Golf 7 will be available not only in the "diesel" and "gasoline" versions, but will have a "hybrid set."

Depending on the installed engine Golf 7 will be equipped with 5 or 6-speed manual transmission stupenchastoy, and 6 and 7-step "automatic." Whatever it was, the German automaker has promised to release a new Volkswagen Golf 7, which will differ more fuel economy than the Golf 6.

In the power plant of the new Golf 7 will be used by the diesel engine capacity of 1.5 liters, as well as several electric motors.

According to the manufacturer, the same electric-powered Golf 7 could easily drive for 50 kilometers, while developing speed of 50 km / h If we take into account this fact, we find that the VW Golf 7 - this is quite typical car for a ride in a metropolis. As expected, the cost of the new Volkswagen Golf 7 will not be less than 17 000.
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