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Second-generation Volkswagen Touareg one of the first example, the new corporate design group Volkswagen, which was the ideological founder of the infamous Walter da Silva.

Skin and really turned out well. Prostochka look menacing squint changed to dark fiber, iridescent horseshoes LED grille expanded, and the front bumper was courageous.

The new Touareg is longer by 41 mm (4795 mm), in a 17 mm (1709 mm), wider by 12 mm (1940 mm) and wheelbase has increased by 38 mm and is now 2893 mm. With this silhouette SUV is more stocky and athletic. In addition, "Touareg" threw 200 kg and a simplified scheme with all-wheel differential Torsen, borrowed from Audi Q7 and distributing point of the axes in the ratio of 40:60. Henceforth basic "Touareg" more glances toward the asphalt, it does not not only the transfer case with reduction gear, but the center and rear differentials.

However, the ability to add off-road arsenal is. Must be ordered optional package TerrainTech, but it is available only for the version with a diesel V6. By the way, this is the car and turned on our test.

Carry on with the rest of the fields: the appearance on all versions of an 8-speed Aisin automatic transmission and replacement of certain steel aluminum suspension components. All these innovations have allowed to lose extra pounds. In this case, increased body rigidity.

Inside Volkswagen Touareg pleased excellent seats to the correct profile and side support. In addition to traditional elektroregulirovok they were equipped with servo cylinders lateral support, but based mechanical actuators seats. Place of old-fashioned three-spoke steering wheel replaced the modern "donut" with stylish leather accents and two four-way button. Instead of six dials on the dashboard are now four. With a large central display with a convenient menu you can find a lot of different information and change settings car.

Plastic in the cabin almost always mild, at the height of quality, optional leather upholstery is pleased with their velvety texture, ergonomics on foltsvagenovski flawless. Located on the center console screen the optional navigation system and dual-zone climate unit control, automatic transmission selector around - key electric parking brake and krutilki responsible for air suspension and off-road modes.

In the back row is roomy for passengers of all heights. Of the nice amenities - air ducts to the stands and in the center, comfortable armrest and two outlets - the 12 and 220 volts. Furthermore, as additional options can be ordered separate climate control, and heated rear seats.

Trunk volume is 520 liters, expandable to 1642 liters. The rear seats can be expanded directly from the trunk using special keys. In addition, to facilitate loading, the cargo hold is a button, lower the air suspension. Under the floor, we found dokatku and compressor, and the rear door was equipped with an optional electric drive.

According to his passport 240-strong diesel engine accelerates a 2.1-ton SUV in 7.8 seconds. Inside hurricane dynamics do not feel, to sense acceleration can only look at the rapidly rising arrow speedometer. And cancel the dynamics is observed in virtually all of the range thanks to a torque of 550 Nm, which is available from 2000 rpm. Imagine how lucky 360-horsepower diesel V8, whose maximum torque of 800 Nm. By the way, now this is the top-end engine in the diesel line of "Tuareg". Five-liter V10 is no more.

8-speed automatic transmission is Aisin, which is the result of the modernization of the last 6-speed "machine" running smoothly, without poking. If you need to light, the box is the mode of Sport, which instantly raises the speed, and turns into a big SUV frisky shell, ready for rapid flight.

Touareg perfectly kept straight, clearly follows the turn of the wheel when you rebuild and completely ignores kolleynost. However, the "high" basic tire dimension 235/65 R17 provoke swinging on the waves of asphalt. In addition, Volkswagen rolls in a turn, though, and shows with the enviable stability. Of course, you can try to switch the electronic shock absorbers mode Sport, but the situation is not corrected. Stabilize the situation by using a optional wheel diameter of 18 or 19 inches, but then lost a great ride and ignore virtually all road irregularities that test VW Touareg simply refused to see. And even speed bumps reminded himself only a timid return to the cabin.

Good "Touareg" and peresechenke. A 17-inch disc in comfort SUV drives around in dirt under the "hundreds", but this time in the cabin is an informal talk in a low voice. But on a more serious off-road Volkswagen did not falter, especially since the test car was equipped with a package TerrainTech and air suspension. Off-road package includes a two-stage "razdatku" locking, lockable rear differential, and a slightly increased ground clearance. In addition, pnevmoelementy can increase ground clearance Volkswagen Touareg to 300 mm, significantly improving the geometric cross.
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