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The new model is turned into a surprise: for the first three decades of the existence of the model name folksvagenovskaya Jetta sold with "golf".
Now Jetta (already considered VI generation) is the special line in the range of "people's car." Under the traditional name in the light output size sedan class C +, which is suitable in almost rivals the prestigious "Passat".

However, the Volkswagen AG hardly interested in "fratricidal" competition. Another idea: a new model created as a "global" - based on the worldwide market. Not only in Europe but also in South-East Asia (dimensionless Chinese market). Also in North America, ambitious plans. And in order to implement them, in Wolfsburg was unusual decision on the issue of the same name two dissimilar sedans. In the American version - and in Europe. As they say, there's Jetta - and "Jetta". We must look out for.

 Before "Jettou" scoffers often called «Golf with a backpack." Now, on a figure of speech language no one turn: solid, respectable 4-door sedan, not devoid of grace and elegance. The design team is headed by Walter de'Silva, worked the conscience: the new sedan is far removed from the two-volume "Golf". Rather something from Audi - as the new Jetta A4 only slightly shorter than the last generation ...
Classic proportions with long overhangs, purely designed with narrow front svetoblokami falshradiatora and horizontal bars, the low roof line, generous glazing. Fresh image, and the American and European "Jetta" to look almost indistinguishable. Size, design, decorative items ... Is that any nuances in the design of the air intake below the bumper. Trifles, while the main thing you will not see his eyes. In any case, much more spacious Jetta VI of the previous generation - thanks to the wheelbase sedan "stretched" against the previous generation almost 7.5 cm is not a joke: in the cabin are arranged five adults comfortably. And passengers increased even 180 cm do not complain about the lack of any leg room in the 2nd row, or on a low ceiling. It seems that to the interior of the "Jetta" close to such light vehicles like Honda Accord (not to mention the Civic).

The interior looks like a sedan to match the exterior: the front of the design in a typical corporate style, harmonious colors. At first glance, but on closer acquaintance trim disappointing. Anyway - the American version: around ears stick out austerity. Thus, the front panel and doors are finished with solid gleaming plastic, buttons and switches from overtly "budget" range, the seat is not in the least expensive configuration SEL upholstered doubtful "kozhimitom." Even the rear shelf of the obvious cheap stuff ... Moreover, no nothing-familiar - like continuously variable tilt the front seat backs, individual air in the 2nd row. Saved on the trunk lid trim, etc. But before Jetta differed at times the quality of interior finishes and attention to detail important - so for decades created a reputation model.

But in fact, that everything is in place: competent ergonomics "cockpit" harsh, but successfully profiled the driver's seat (tight lateral support of the case) is rearranged not only longitudinally, but also in height. Steering wheel adjustable for tilt and reach, and the more expensive trim levels offered with the navigation intuitive and (touch) "interface" control board systems. Luggage capacity (VDA) - 510 liters, and (separately) folding rear seats allow for needed supplies "long measures." Variability of the internal space is now the privilege of not only "hetchbkov" and "generalists."

American "Jett» VI appears on the market in a number of complete sets: S, SE, SEL and TDI. "Regular" infotainment equipment and comfortable even in the "budget" version of S is not poor, "Music" (player CD/MP3) at 4 dynamics, "electro", air conditioning vozduhofiltrom. Whereas complete SEL list includes additional Sirius XM satellite radio with a stereo (CD-changer) 6 speakers, headset Bluetooth, leather-covered multifunction "bagel" and start the engine without a key, two-zone "climate control", heated front seats. Plus options - including cheap. And in addition, it is expected Special version GLI - with a powerful 2.0 TSI engine and a rear suspension, as the European "Jetta." Extensive choice: the buyer to determine.
In Europe, the new sedan will go into traditional trim Trendline, Comfortline and Highline. Their "stuffing" is still almost nothing - except that the "electro" and "climate control» Climatic will be included in the "state" of even the most modest performances. Or who doubt ...
The technique of "passive" safety at the "Jetta» VI typical 3-point belts for all seats, the "cushion" and "blind" (a total of up to 6), front 'active' head restraints. Reliable protection of the driver and passengers - if properly organized zones programmed deformation. At Volkswagen AG own secrets and test EuroNCAP «Impact" certainly confirm the highest expectations. "People's car" safe.

Calendar American "Jett» VI outstripped European, and thence commentators have already test-drive on the landfill couple copies of "Jetta» VI - Mexican assembly. In completing the 2.5 SEL and TDI: first with a 5-cylinder gasoline engine 2.5 R5 displacement of 2.48 liters, while the second - with a 2-liter diesel "Quartet» TDI maximum output of 142 hp Coupled with a 172-strong "Five" are 6-speed "automatic", and is equipped with turbo diesel 6-speed manual gearbox.

The test car rode on tires size 225/45R17 Michelin Primacy and with little difference in the curb weight (TDI heavier at 15-20 kg) gave an interesting material for comparisons. Thus, the acceleration in the new Jetta bad: from zero to 96.5 km / h (60 miles) sedan with turbo clocked in 8.8 seconds. With the powerful "Five", of course, faster - 8.3 seconds. About how Ferrari Mondial 8 samples in 1981 ... a distance of 1/4 mile (402 m) "Jett» TDI took place with a 16.6 sec., Dimensional velocity at the end of the segment - 135 km / h A test machine performed SEL have done well: time in ¼-mile race - 16.2 sec., And the speed at the finish line - 139,5 km / h

Understandably the balance of power, but observers noted particularly high-torque turbo diesel engine, which turns even more alive than vyalovataya "five". At 6-speed "machine" claims a bit - a modern unit. Is that a little pensive when switching "down." Manual transmission is also good: pereschelkivaetsya easily and clearly, though sharp sticking clutch (at the end of pedal) slightly complicates the lever. The brake pedal is soft and pretty, "cotton", but slows down the car smoothly and steadily. And most importantly - intensive. So, with a speed of 96.5 km / h SEL sedan stopped for tests, at a distance of 34.8 meters and a TDI does stowed in 34.5 m and "fading" no, excellent results.

 So on a straight Jetta VI looked quite decent. Another question is how the curved paths? Well, the test cars were on equal in standard exercise on the 60-meter 'circular area »(skid pad): lateral acceleration of up to 0,82 g. Not bad - especially considering the fact that the U.S. Jetta simplified rear suspension. However - quality tires, successful adjustment chassis ... and other types of exercise - "eight MT». Here TDI test car showed on the best lap time of 28.2 seconds. - Exactly a year ago, the previous generation Jetta (from the same test). Sedan with the same 142-strong turbodiesel then weighed against the extra 75 kg of the new model, but different "golfovskoy" rear suspension - unlike the present one. What happened was the so - despite the difference in the device chassis. By the way, on the skid pad «Jetta" intergenerational running flush - 0,82 g. Friendship won.
 Jetta SEL in speed maneuvering much stronger: the best lap of 27.5 seconds. Incidentally, one to one with the wonderful sport sedan Suzuki Kizashi (same testers). Winning a match. Observers note tenacious road holding and the right balance of control of the new model. It should be noted, "Jett" is also proposed to spetsnastroykoy suspension Sport, however, a significant difference to the standard sea trials not identified. Both "Jetta" behave decently in conjunction turns, although steering feel at SEL and TDI are not the same. "Donut" of the sedan with a gasoline 2.5 R5 «pustovat": an impression of artificial self-return to "zero". While the steering wheel test machine with a turbodiesel feedback just as much as you need. And it steers them absolutely identical 

Suspension set harshly - in a corporate manner. So on a rough road sedan visibly shake. However, the overall impression, ride the "Volkswagen Jetta" quite on the level: the driver and passengers feel comfortable - even on long journeys. And with all the reservations about interior decorating, interior well soundproofed, the movement of the car gives the impression of smartness and assembly. Folksvagenovskaya workmanship and assembly: body panels driven home neatly aligned gaps are small. German work - it is in Mexico ...

As usual. impressions of the model are reflected in the list of "pro" and "contra". Balance on Jetta VI is:

In the black:
spacious interior and roomy trunk;
high-torque and economical turbo diesel;
All the same impression of quality German manufacture.

In the red:
sluggish petrol "five";
"Cotton" wheel (played with a petrol 2.5 R5);
too noticeable savings in interior decoration.

Verdict: mediocre. 2011 Jetta is larger and more capacious old model - and yet affordable. However, the car has lost something of their own, individual, first distinguished him in the general flow of comparable class sedans.

Volkswagen AG have made an extraordinary marketing tool, and brought to the North American market is a simplified version of "Jetta» VI. Calculation such that the model has a long-standing stable image - and now it is not a sin to play. Marketers are not mistaken: in the next year or two thing, apparently, will go according to their plans. But in the long run, the image can prosest - and then for a long time ...

Anyway, the American Jetta 2011 attracts liberal quotations - as a magnet. For a solid car with a decent reputation in the United States to request from 16.75 thousand dollars - much less than in the previous model. A non-poor "pack" test machine 2.5 SEL cost slightly more expensive 24 "pieces." An offer that is hard to refuse.

About European prices "Volkswagen Jetta" there is nothing to say. What is clear is that they are significantly greater than the U.S. - the assembly is not in Mexico.

Specifically of. The new "Jetta" was created on the proven platform folksvagenovskoy PQ35 - the same as a "golf» VI. However, in versions - American and European version.

In American "line" of the force couple agegatov gasoline engines: the old 2-liter 8-klapannikom at 116 hp (SAE «Net") at 5400 min-1. As well as the 20-valve "five" working volume of 2480 ml, which develops up to 172 power at 5700 min-1. Plus a 1.97-liter turbodiesel TDI Clean Diesel: proven 16-valve design with a "particulate" filter and catalytic converter exhaust. Maximum power - 142 hp at 4 thousand rpm, the highest torque - 320 Nm. Engines are joined with the 5 - and 6-speed manual gearbox, as an option, a 6-speed hydromechanical "automatic".

European scale is different: the "quartet" with direct injection of fuel into the combustion chambers and supercharged - petrol and diesel. Among the known structures, including the 105-strong 8-klapannikom 1.2 TSI, 16-valve, 1.4 TSI in versions of 122 and 160 hp In addition, the 200-hp 2.0 TSI - plus turbo diesel 1.6 TDI (105 hp maximum power) and 2.0 TDI, which delivers up to 140 hp at four thousand revolutions. Engines equipped with 6-speed manual gearbox - or 6 - and 7-step "robot» DSG (without breaking the power switch). Not cheap option - an inexhaustible list of folksvagenovskaya components.

European Jetta chassis borrowed from the "Golf": Front Front McPherson, rear - double wishbone ("spatial" configuration). And the U.S. is easier: rear suspension trailing arm conjugate. Of savings ... coil springs, sway bar. Sedan in the U.S. version comes with 195/65R15 tires on to 225/45R 17-inch alloy wheels (with powerful engines). Whereas the European "Jetta" tires sizes from 205/55R16 - and larger. The steering mechanism of the "pinion": the U.S. version with power (3 turns "donut" from lock to lock), European - and electric. Same difference. Brakes "cyclically" disc (front ventilated), ABS and ESC are "regular" package of the most complete sets modest.

Big already turned "Volkswagen", but not heavy. Thus, European sedan with 105-horsepower TSI weighs in running from 1230 kg. From zero to 100 km / h and it can accelerate in 10.9 seconds.; Declared maximum speed - 190 km / h Average fuel consumption (EU5) - just 5.3 liters per 100 kilometers. With the powerful TDI «Jett" is much heavier - of 1335 kg. However, the dynamics is much better: the sedan with a "handle" acceleration time "hundreds" - 9.5 sec., Maximum speed - 210 km / h Given that diesel car consumes an average of only 4.8 liters per 100 kilometers. Is it too good to be true?

American test machine 2.5 SEL pulled by 1425 kg ("weight distribution" of the axes 60/40%). While Wet weight "Jetta" with turbodiesel - 1440 kg ("weight distribution" 61/39%). However, for tests, TDI sedan burned some 6.4 liters of heavy fuel to "hundreds" of run. So that its economy has made on there the reviewers lasting impression.

Point of view. By design, the issue of "Jetta» VI being established around the world by themselves. And American sedan assembled at Volkswagen AG plant in Puebla, Mexico. Considerable savings in wages - hence the price. A legitimate question: what kind of car will release in Kaluga? American or European? Two different things, as we say ...

It's not clear. And when it comes down to it, look under the rear axle and see what there is suspension. On the mating trailing arm - either double cross. 'll Know what's what.
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