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Meanwhile, a new generation Passat was the seventh in a row. Although, if you think this is only the marketers called Volkswagen Passat B7 proud phrase "brand new." Between us, it would be more correct to call the Passat 6,5, okay - 6.75. For at the heart of Passat is already well known to us the platform, and the shape of the doors and windows are left the same. But in recent years from Volkswagen and another did not expect - almost all new models are made on older platforms.
Reduce fuel consumption Germans paid special attention. Now without this in Europe can not sell a single machine. So, all of diesel cars have a stop-start system (for petrol cars it can be ordered as an option). In addition, Passat got smart generator, which included only in the case if you need to recharge the battery. And do not forget about the small upgrade engines and transmissions.

 As a result of all these measures, fuel consumption Passat B7 compared to Passat B6 reduced immediately by 18%. But the most economical engine is traditionally diesel - a 1.6-liter engine with 105 hp spending on the combined cycle of 4.2 liters per 100 km
But for ordinary consumers these lyrics will not make any difference. More importantly - Passat B7 looks in new ways. Better? Perhaps, yes. And most importantly, look Passat almost no one does not cause irritation. This machine can not be called wrong or ridiculous, it does not cleave any silly nicknames. For the "people's" car - it.

But the interior, I confess, a little behind the appearance. If any road will distinguish the old from the new model, the interior is not everyone will be able to. Alas, changing the interior, not very large: the other was a form of door trim and climate control, new seats, parking brake button has been moved to a new place, there is still something on the little things. In general, the new generation, my friends, it does not pull. Therefore, it is only within the Passat B6, 5, okay - 6.75. Although it is not necessary to take these words as a negative. Indeed, inside the car is still good: almost no complaints about the ergonomics, chairs, as always with the Germans, a little stiff, but very comfortable, the steering wheel is nice to hold in your hands. And about the build quality and say nothing. But if you're looking for something radically new, then there is nothing to please. Is the clock in the center of the dashboard. However, as time and they caused a negative. Hours somehow look somewhere in the ceiling and in the sun glare. You say we are capricious? Yes. And finding fault. But such models as Passat, not forgiven even minor flaws.
Front seats in the Passat B7 have changed. And if you want a buyer can order the seat with the function of ventilation and even a massage! Very handy, I must say, the option

Volkswagen representatives listen to the accusations that it is not Passat B7, but only Passat B6, 5, OK, 6.75, with the Nordic resistance. After all, they have a lot to answer reporters harmful. Possible new "bells and whistles" that got the car, there is more than enough. Although the detail of all no special meaning. For example, the control of movement of the bands in Russia will not be available. As such a good thing, as a system emergency stop Automatic Distance Control - machine with radar monitors going ahead of the vehicle, and if they slow down dramatically, the electronics itself slows down. According folksvagenovtsev if emergency braking started when the vehicle speed of 30 km / h, then the accident will simply be deleted! If the speed is higher, the impact and it will be minimized. Want to have the Automatic Distance Control? Then you have to emigrate to Europe - the system does not work on those frequencies, and its use is prohibited in Russia.
The luggage compartment is touring with folded rear seats 1731 liters. This is just one liter more than before

But we will have access to two very comfortable system. One of them would get the people called "kick in the ass." Its meaning lies in the fact that the driver, going to the boot, can open the door ... with his foot. Yes, yes, do not be surprised. To do this move, as if you want to hit a car at the bottom of the bumper. And the trunk is automatically (!) Opens. Himself! It is true only if the driver is in the pocket of the ignition key (thus, avoid situations when the trunk is opened from accidentally running her cat). Each, in fact, very comfortable, especially when you walk out of the store with several large and heavy packages. But even here there is room for criticism - to close the trunk with his feet for some reason you can not! The system only works in one direction, even when the machine is equipped with a motorized trunk.
Here's how the system works trunk opening leg. Unusually, it is convenient and practical. But that's impossible to close the trunk leg. Apparently, this feature will be in the future when upgrading Passat B7

But if the system is opening the trunk include pampering, the automatic parking attendant - this thing! Park Assist for Volkswagen met before - it has started to install the first generation Touran. Yes, and some other manufacturers have created something similar. But, perhaps, it will be the first Passat truly popular model in Russia, which will be equipped with such a system. And it will cost relatively inexpensive - for example, in Europe, when buying Passat Comfortline trim in rich or Highline automatic parking attendant will cost 295 euros (for the basic version Trendline - 815 euros complete with parking sensors).
Automatic parking attendant - this is the most convenient option available in the new Passat. The driver when parking should only follow the indicators on the instrument board and time to slow down. When you need to press the brake pedal also tells the computer

And paying the money, you can no longer think about what will fit a car in a "hole" or not. Can simply press a button and go quietly down the street, and at a fairly decent speed - up to 40 km / h As soon as the intelligent electronics with radar will see a parking space, which will fit Passat, it immediately will signal this. And after that, there will be miracles. The driver will only need to include reverse, remove his hands from the steering wheel (!), The brake pedal to control the speed of the machine back and follow the on-board computer (at one point he was asked to turn off the back and a bit of speed to drive forward). That's all. The car will park itself in fact! And parking in the automatic mode requires very little - only 0.8 meters, plus the length of the car. Believe me, not every experienced driver will be able to park in the lower range. But the parking attendant can also leave your own! And for this he needs less space - plus a half-meter.
System Dynamic Light Assist, which controls the main beam and does not blind oncoming drivers, have long been known. Thing necessary and useful. All of which goes to the fact that the Dynamic Light Assist will be available in Russia.

In addition, traffic safety will improve system Side Assist, which monitors the "blind" areas, and the system of control over the movement of the bands. The last thing is very funny - thanks to her some turns can take place at all without touching the steering wheel. Electronics for about 10 seconds and keeps herself taxis car within the band. And only then, make a loud sound, it will shut

By the way, we have a second generation Park Assist. This means that the Passat B6, 5, ok 6.75, is capable of not only parallel, but also perpendicular parking (although the search for a place in this case, it can only at a speed not exceeding 20 km / h). To say that the Park Assist is useful - it does not say.
With the engine situation is as follows. The old 1.6-liter gasoline engine has finally retired. And the glory of God. For its 102 horsepower would be insufficient. He was replaced by a modern 1,4 TSI. Volume, at first glance, it seems ridiculous, but because it gives the turbine is 122 hp But still 1.4 TSI has grown quite a torque of 200 N • m (1.6 was the old 148 N • m). Moreover, the average fuel consumption on the passport data, there is a 6.3-liter in the presence of the "mechanics" and 6.0 l with a 7-speed DSG dual-clutch, which is acting as a "machine" (and even in Europe will sell the Passat 1.4 TSI BlueMotion version with a slightly different aerodynamics, "stretch" the transmission and tires with low rolling resistance, which will spend even less per 100 milliliters). Do not be surprised, no errors in the data on the consumption of fuel there - a modern DSG really economical we are used to the "mechanics". And faster (205 km / h and the car with the "mechanics" - 203 km / h).
The baggage wagon in the special box are hooks that can be strengthened in the special "rails" on the floor. Thanks to them, the goods can be easily fixed with the help of the grid. And there's tape, which is used for the same purposes. Incidentally, the wagon can be equipped with electric closing trunk

Rides Passat 1.4 TSI ... And normally it goes! For a basic version of the "people's car" is quite adequate speaker - 1.4-liter unit can confidently stand in the stream safely accelerates from zero (for 200 N • m is available at 1,500 r / min) and with some space left to overtake the trucks. But, as you know, such a machine would be without a spark. Just a car.
That is why the most popular engine in Russia is going to be 1.8 TSI. First, it will be a very powerful - 160 HP and 250 N • m (maximum point total is also available at 1,500 r / min.) Secondly, Passat 1.8 TSI can be ordered as a "mechanics", and with the DSG. And, thirdly, 1.8 TSI will be still relatively affordable. A sort of middle ground is impossible.
The engine starts with the button, which is located next to the gear lever
Rides Passat 1.8 very well. And more happy is not an opportunity to accelerate to 220 km / h (to do this on our roads is dangerous and just plain stupid), and the machine's ability to respond quickly to the gas pedal and powerfully accelerate, even when the speedometer of 100-120 km / h Usability of the draft - five points. And all thanks to the almost diesel moment on bottoms and midrange area.

Selling new Passat will start in the first quarter of next year. We will be available to cars with three petrol engines (1.4 liter, 1.8 liter and 2.0 liter) and the 2.0-liter diesel engine with 170 hp
If that is not enough, you can buy a car with a 2.0-liter turbo engine (211 hp), and even with the unit V6: 300 hp, all-wheel drive, 250 km / h acceleration time to "hundreds" in 5.5 seconds. But cars with engines in Barcelona, ​​where he passed the test of the new Passat, was not. So dream on "how cool it was going 300-hp Passat» I will not.
And I was able to ride in a car with a 1.4-liter engine, which is powered by natural gas (called a version of the Passat TSI EcoFuel). Distinguish such Passat can primarily on two fuel gauge on the board devices and unusual fuel tank where the neck for both petrol and gas. And gasoline is used here as a backup fuel tank and a very small.

Well what can we say, especially when you consider the fact that the Russian representative Volkswagen is considering the start of deliveries of vehicles on our market? Buy gas Passat individuals, I would not recommend, even though formal presence under the hood 150 hp and 220 N • m The engine is too sluggish to "below", and then there is a feeling that is about zaglohnesh and semblance of a decent ride there, but if you constantly turn the motor. And the DSG gearbox has to cope with the heavy nature of the gas engine and eliminates his work (at least not at a traffic light zaglohnesh), but here in the presence of the "mechanics" all very sad.

However, this is in the case of individuals. But as a corporate machine Passat with gas fuel very suitable. Dynamics nevazhnetskaya here, but in this case it is not required - nothing to "white collar" anneal on the road due to the company. But while the fuel consumption is only 6.3 "cubes" of 100 km. And, once again, we are talking about cheap gas!

"Gazprom", ay ... Of all people, and you somehow have to replant their employees to gas cars. Let them at least once in their lives to save budget money.

By the way, there will be another version of the exotic - Passat MultiFuel. She will receive the same 1.4-liter engine, but which feeds bioethanol. Power of this unit will be 160 hp, and is expected to sell Passat MultiFuel exclusively in Sweden and Norway
But I think that is excellent. At least with the handling of conventional Passat okay. As before. This model seems to have found a great combination of comfort and handling - Passat and serpentine drives great, allowing the experienced driver to take pleasure in passing the "studs", and besides, he swallows and holes well. True, a lot of talk about the comfort and handling is not necessary - probably intended for Russian cars will receive adapted for our roads suspension. Therefore, the nature of the machine, too, can change.
Volume of Volkswagen Passat is impressive. In the 37 years of life models have been sold more than 15 million cars! At stake are the following figures, the design, as you know, no one runs the risk of

Will appear in Russia and diesels. Moreover, we will start to sell a car with a 2.0-liter engine with 170 hp and torque of 350 N • m (there is a 140-strong version and the 1.6-liter engine with 105 hp). 170-strong diesel - it's just a song. A sort of good jazz. Power, pressure, rapid acceleration from any speed, reduced vibration and noise, especially when the car goes (in the parking lot can be understood that the diesel under the hood, but during the drive - no longer exists.) However, at the start of the full power of the engine somehow does not feel, and the car accelerates very ordinary. Apparently, this is a clever electronics specifically protects clutch DSG box and a little "choking" the engine. But as soon as the Passat a little overclocking, has nothing restrains diesel pressure. In general, class. But still buy diesel Passat in Russia are few. Alas.
As before, Volkswagen Passat will be equipped with all-wheel drive 4Motion. The most powerful machine with a 300-horsepower gasoline engine will get it a priori. A 2.0-liter diesel engines 4Motion will put on order. But cars with petrol engines of 1.4, 1.8 and 2.0 liter as long as they do a drive to the front axle. However, on the front-drive Passat with the 2.0-liter petrol unit and a 170-strong diesel engine will be electronic simulation of a self-locking differential XDS

While the 170-hp diesel Passat estate car with automatic parking - a real dream of every family man. And let's not completely "new generation", but only a major upgrade. Importantly different. Passat B6, 5, ok 6.75, was on a little bit, but it's better that we knew well Passat B6. He's very nice, new options, all of engines (engine on natural gas - do not count) are suitable for everyday use, and the price of the car ... will remain the same. Yes, the Germans promised to increase the value of the model, they will not. Hopefully, this promise is not only in Europe but also in Russia.
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