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Thus, VW car created especially for Russia. Machine at the factory in Kaluga - a choice of one engine, two boxes, three complete sets. Queues in shops really huge, even taking into account that the plant is not yet operating at full capacity.

Here it is our handsome! I say "handsome" without irony - Polo sedan like me much more hatchback, which has become, in any case, the last for today "Car of the Year in Europe." Sharp lights, discreet lines, no fancy details - that she austere beauty of Volkswagen. Rear view less impressive, but here - no complaints.

Studying equipment. Of course, manufacturers - cunning. The base price of the car - in complete Trendline - in 399 000 sounds impressive, but it deprives the owner of the cheapest Polo such joys as ABS (but without it now seems not solid) and powered mirrors, heated seats. Also in the Trendline sedan can not even order an optional air conditioning. But past summer did the last option is almost certainly ...

(According to dealers the most affordable Polo sedan customers almost bought, which is not surprising).

Next equipment - Comfortline. ABS with power accessories here already in the database, the wheel is not the 14th and 15th, but the price increases to 468 000. Add the option "air conditioner" - 33,300 "our", and the final price - more than 500 000. 8000 is more beautiful "folksvagenovskaya" radio ... However, we have to test the Polo Comfortline without radio. But maybe it's for the better - nothing will distract from the road.

The first impression of the interior - is also positive. He collected fine, beautiful (even though the gray box plugs for radio), plastic dash, though crude, but in fact the same as that of the hatchback Polo. Steering wheel is very comfortable to the touch - surprised only three-centimeter hole in the bottom "spokes" - is it to actually turn the steering wheel with one finger?

Niches for storage compartment many, though not all are easy to learn, for example access to a shallow groove on the center console covers the hand brake lever.

To get behind the wheel of time necessary. No, with the position of the driver's seat is no problem - and it is in the cheapest version is height adjustable. It is hard to get used to a very long-throw pedals (especially the clutch), which are also close to each other. Yes, and I would like to handle CAT extend literally an inch or two ...

Instruments are read fine review - a little worse (very much smaller and the central and side mirrors), issues to ergonomics is not ... start the engine ...

... And at the time a non-distinctive rumble penetrates the cabin. Of course, Volkswagen has accustomed us to a slightly different sound - Polo sedan noisier and Jetta, and Golf, and Passat. At low speeds the engine does not hear it, but when the tachometer needle climbs mark "2500" becomes noisy. May be in the car radio, the feeling would have been different?

The dynamics of the car missing. 105 horsepower 1.6-liter engine - this is quite normal figure for a minor car. With sunken gas pedal acceleration will not sharp, but noticeable. One, two - and the taboo of 80 km / h, which is not felt - probably because of unusually high for a car of this class fit.

 But the spirit of sport in this car is not present. Wheel on the Greatest speeds even light, and air - really enough effort thumb here in abundance. At a speed of "bagel", of course, heavier, but still not much.
The fact that the Polo sedan large clearance was evident even from the outside. On the move is evident in the sharp turns: car noticeably sags on the side. In this suspension sedan I would call moderately soft. It really is well-balanced view of the upcoming operating conditions. Potryasyvaet, but does not break. In any case, a pleasure to drive this VW will not work - not for that he created. To look at the passionate driving the same hatchback.

What to add to a first conclusion? First impressions of the car were formed rapidly. Within a half hour, as in other Volkswagen began to think that this car I drive at least a month. This is a definite plus Polo Sedan: everything is clear intuitive buttons are easily included, pedals are pressed calculates the optimal effort.

 Of course, the quality of comfort he does not reach the other Volkswagen, but his own road capabilities of this does not suffer. But we have not had a major feature of the Polo - 460-liter boot .

In general, 5 to minus or plus 4 car deserved. Now it will be necessary to assess the version with the "automatic" and to compare Polo Sedan competitors. True, in this class competition is rather conventional: snapping up all the salons. In fact that the crisis is over?

Liked: appearance, build quality, ergonomics, interior cabin, a big trunk.

Disliked: noisy engine, the problem with the placement of small things, sluggish acceleration at high speeds.
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