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With the phrase "commercial vehicles" we often associate some bus and vans image. But that is not qut qite appropriate response. Comtrans Comtrans would not be without this indispensable "small fry" as various "heels." One of the oldest members of this clan is Volkswagen Caddy, a survivor of this year the next "upgrade".

Your correspondent always surprised inclination of our countrymen, not resentful of the household and children, to acquire to move them in space is something "off-road" or at least "microbus". Just lying on the surface is much more practical alternative in the form of passenger versions of the commercial, "heels", until recently, remained for the majority of potential buyers for the staff.

Try to ask a question to any of the owners of four-wheel drive passenger familiar "Krupnyakov" Why have you vozish bunch of his children and his wife was in a jeep when the asphalt is laid directly to the gates of your problem? Most likely as a justification for selecting the type of car you will hear long-winded arguments about continually overcome meter snowdrifts on city roads as well as the commitment ever made a big off-road adventure (that's right - with capital letters and in a very, very future) or similar arguments. In general, the position is not quite intelligible, but to the horror unwavering.

However, the tentacles of pragmatism, spurred by regular global economic surprises, more gray matter entangle citizens. As a result, the percentage of the traffic flow of passenger modification "heels" from various manufacturers every year is growing steadily. Given this, the update Caddy can be considered quite timely. Although it is likely to simply turn came. All according to the German "Ordnung", last year brought out a new "mask» VW Transporter / Multivan (T5), and this - his "youngest», Caddy.

Representative's smallest commercial line VW progressive international public attention as practicable at home - in the vicinity of Frankfurt. Thoughts on embarks timid roots in the thick loam Russian motoring class "citizens kablukovladeltsev" made this writer a couple of elbows push apart slender fellow VW Caddy and ride in one of the best complete sets - with a new two-liter turbodiesel under the hood and kvaziavtomaticheskoy gearbox DSG.

In order to convey, so to speak, most kind and, therefore, the most eternal and sympathizers to swing ... The newest, is the fourth generation of Caddy in the spirit of currently VW's ideology is not a completely new car. It is the fruit of a process that is best described neologism "uluchshayzing." The meaning of it is that the new model is the result of a car gentle change of appearance and light refreshment car interiors. In this upgrade, "tripe" (components and assemblies) has a certain degree of depth. This is true for both T5 and for Touareg, and for Caddy - in fact foolish to try to revolutionize a really good thing. The path of evolution is much more productive.

Looking for a Caddy from the side, once notice traces of "uluchshayzinga." In particular this applies to the front of the machine. Lights with the current brand "dress code" acquired company "corners." The hood was a little more relief. Seeing the profile of the new machine a little something to say, even a connoisseur Comtrans: new wheel design view mark is not immediately - it will not some street ottyuningovat "lighter."

Behind distinguish the new generation Caddy from the previous is possible only through a thoughtful study of the rear block headlights. As before, the machine is available in passenger and cargo versions, and in a completely utilitarian cargo version. Each of them is available with standard and extended by 32 cm base. Seats can vary from two to seven. The main advantage of any passenger version small "merchant" is enclosed in a spacious and functional interior. Each of the riders are available drawers and shelves for items, coasters, door pockets, and other baggage joy. The ceiling to attach mesh, and over the windshield - a broad shelf.

Boxes hidden under the front seats and under the feet of the second row passengers. The rear seat can be folded into the 1/3 and 2/3, or removed, increasing the luggage compartment until 2850 or 3030 liters, respectively. In long by 47 cm Version Maxi - to 3700 and 3880 liters. As an option, you can order a Caddy with a full third row of seats - to transport very large family. Seating position here is clearly "bus": you sit behind the wheel noticeably straighter and higher than in the passenger car. Large mirrors the picture. The new Caddy got the dash, audio and climate systems, is already well-known from other models of the brand.

As far as cosmetic external differences appear with the model-predecessor are so significant at this car Underbonnet innovations. Take, for example, two-liter "dizelek" annexed by your correspondent. This volume of work in the case of VW Caddy can deliver 110 or 140 hp The car, by the way, also can be equipped with even less bulky diesel motorchikami of 1.6 hp capacity of 75 and 102 "horses".

Complementing the range of steam engines 1.2-liter petrol motors (and I want to write - "agregatikov") capacity of 86 and 105 hp The task of moving the car from point "A" to point "B" they are coping well, but the dynamics here, as you might imagine, called outstanding do not dare - 12.4 seconds to "hundreds" after all ... But diesels produced a very a good impression. Let's start with what you get in your car, turn the key and hear ... how wound typical gasoline engine.
On noise insulation in this case there is nothing to blame - the quality is not very different from that existing in the previous Caddy. Aerodynamic noise at speeds over 100 km / h still bugged - avtobusopodobnaya aerodynamics somehow affected. Just the motor works remarkably smoothly for the diesel unit. But all the "moment" benefits "diesel engine" on the "Benzinka" he demonstrates to the full.

Diesel paired with automatic transmission - a great tandem on any machine of any brand. And in the case when the "machine" has been replaced in this twin-shaft "robot" as DSG, about a "thoughtful" when you switch you can not even mention. Just going and going. In Sport mode, and you can fool around on the track.

However, the German autobahns only in Russian folklore have no speed limits, and in German, completely zareglamentirovannoy reality with speeds over 120 km / h can not move anywhere.

Therefore, "anneal all the money" on the highway, we somehow did not work out, but "prohvatit" on village paths (we have such rustic track!) Succeeded to the full. Impressed, I must say, had the dual. On the one hand, under a set of audio-visual and tactile signals you feel yourself in the good old Caddy.

The updated design of the "tidy" and the whole front of the picture does not change much. Almost the same feel of the plastic trim as comfortable lying in the hands of the "donut", the same clear of the brakes, the same reactions of the car to taxi ... In principle, this is not surprising - the ergonomics of the previous generation machines much satisfactory.

Suspension then remained almost unchanged: Golf fifth generation with springs in the rear axle which was so stayed. Changed dynamics, and with it - and the overall impression of the car. And her "appetite." When not treated humanely pedal "gas" to go beyond the 6.5 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers and the author failed.

And there is a strong suspicion that even with a full load the machine is not permitted show different figures. In this regard, it is hoped that on the basis of raving madness electrification of everything in the automotive industry has touched Caddy and he will remain as you are.

As, according to representatives of «Volkswagen», Russian Price Update Caddy will remain at the same level as that of the previous generation of machines, unlike doroguschih "hybrids."
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