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Over the years the desire for commercial vehicles matured and developed into a boundless love for Volkswagen Multivan. Therefore, the proposal to test the high-end model - the updated VW Crafter - was accepted without hesitation. The more that driving anything larger in size than the above-mentioned vehicle, sitting so far failed to provide.

VW Crafter model replaces the successful series LT, appeared back in 1975 and reborn in 1996. Name Crafter LT model was ten years later, after an update. And in 2011, we see a more advanced Crafter, the appearance of which «Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles' end an 18-month renovation of all its business lines.

Test-drive VW New Crafter was intended to unite Denmark and Sweden. Starting from the Danish capital of Copenhagen, we had to cross the bridge and come Eresunnsky near Malmö. Bridge built over Eresunnskim Strait in 1995-2000., Not only united states, but also allowed the residents of the two countries enjoy dual benefits: affordable housing in Sweden and higher wages in Denmark.

Besides the hero for the day, as a support group attended by his immediate family of commercial family Volkswagen, namely T5 (Multivan, Transporter) and Caddy. I will not deny: to overcome the first section of the road was too great a temptation to warm up to me not to meet the Russian expanses Multivan T5 technology BlueMotion, allows to save fuel. Not going into details, except to say that my expectations were justified on fuel consumption, insignificantly exceed the stated standard of 6.4 liters and a little more than 7 liters per 100 km. However, these statements were the result of driving on a perfect road surface Eresunnskogo bridge when using the cruise control set at 100 km / h

Testing ground for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has Angavalen family farm. Another "multivenovskim" temptation was Multivan with updated bi-turbo engine with increased up to 204 hp capacity and performance booster in 9.4 seconds to 100 km / h The maximum speed of the vehicle, declared by the manufacturer, is 200 km / h Externally, the novelty is updated front optics - with daytime running lights and Bi-Xenon lens.

Finally it was time to go to the owner of the ball - Crafter. Exterior new items became more expressive by the horizontal lines of the grille and the now solid front, which was identical to current design concept of Volkswagen, is also characteristic of Caddy, Amarok and T5. In a new steel look chrome logos and emblems Crafter VW.

Going into the salon - yes, Crafter can not climb up and enter it - and a stay at the wheel, I have no problem to choose the optimal fit. The driver's seat has a lot of adjustments, including lumbar support. If desired, it can be equipped with heating, which is very important for the Russian winter. The updated Crafter power control heated seat is now available in three modes, while the previous model had two bands. The steering column is adjustable for height and reach.

The feeling that you're sitting in the cabin of commercial cargo van, not at all. Boarding passenger, unless you sit higher and the space around a little more. Torpedo is made of plastic, ill, and on all kinds of shelves can easily accommodate the abundance of light luggage, which usually carries with him the driver of a commercial van. Even if the employer to become generous companion-forwarder, the paper and its belongings easily find a place. When riding with friends will also have a small way armrest, pull the usual passenger traffic out of the seat middle passenger. For fans of Coffee on the road it will be convenient having two cupholders in its base. The only thing one can hardly find fault - if you put on a shelf on the dashboard, for example, a map, it begins to shine unpleasant in the windshield. However, as a result of the card found its place - the clip located on the center console.

Lead our van to move no big deal. The clutch pedal with a smooth stroke from the third pressing it possible to find the point of seizure. Playfully pawing the transmission lever joystick with six steps, we set off to explore the Swedish prairie.

In place of the five-cylinder 2.5-liter TDI in the new Crafter come more technological four 2.0-liter turbo diesel with direct injection Common Rail. The new four-cylinder engines are available in three versions - a capacity of 109 hp Mono Turbo, 136 hp Mono Turbo and 163 hp Bi-turbo - and aggregated until only six-step "mechanics". Six-step "automatic» Shiftmatic only available with the old five-cylinder 2.5-liter engine and is installed on all versions of Crafter, except models with double cab and short wheelbase. The all-new 2.0-liter engines meet the Euro 5 standard. According to the manufacturer, the installation of the new four-cylinder engine has allowed a 33% reduction in fuel consumption compared with the old five-cylinder engines.

Especially want to mention the debut of the first segment of commercial motor vehicles Bi-Turbo 163 hp It is notable that the turbochargers of different sizes and are installed in series. At low speed (up to 3000 rev / min), the engine control unit uses less, and when crossing the 3000 r / min connect more.

Under the hood of our test specimen is a new four-cylinder diesel engine of 2.0 liters and 109 hp

From the first test - leaving a neighborhood on two-lane highway - our Crafter handled excellently, will easily out of the mainstream. Booster new items can be compared to cars of class B power 100-120 hp and a box of "automatic". However, the cargo hold of our van was empty and in the cabin had only two passengers.

On the track "car" is actively running, but it does not swing, and excellent brakes. This has contributed to the installation of such a standard of active safety systems like electronic stability program (ESP), anti-lock braking system (ABS), traction control (ASR), as well as an alarm system for emergency braking.

The biggest modification Crafter can carry up to five europallets laid along the cargo bay, and two pallets can be placed next to the width of the car. Moreover, the passenger in the modification Crafter medium or long wheelbase provides a super wide sliding door that opens to 1300 mm in width (for access to the cargo compartment) and 1820 mm in height, which is the best indicator of its class. This means that to download euro pallets in the cargo area to the width of the vehicle can also be used forklifts. As an option, a second sliding door on the driver side. The loading process can facilitate the rear doors that open to an impressive width of 1565 mm, and if desired, and their opening angle is optionally expandable to 270 degrees.

Overall lineup includes three classes of vehicles carrying capacity: 3, 3.5 and 5 tons, with three different wheelbases: short, medium and long. In addition to cargo van (Kasten), updated VW Crafter is available to order with other body styles, namely, Combi, flatbed truck and chassis Pritsche with a single or double cab, and 19-seater bus Hannover.

The updated VW Crafter is already available at dealerships. Starting price models - 1,198,300 rubles (chassis Pritsche), the minimum price of the cargo van Crafter Kasten - 1,254,000 rubles. Price impressive and could deter buyers of commercial vehicles, which consider every penny and think how would quickly recapture the cost of buying. However, the plus Crafter plays in passenger comfort and fine-cut interior, rich with all kinds of equipment security systems, high-torque and economical turbo diesel, good ergonomics cargo bay. The warranty on the car is 3 years or 250,000 km.
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