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Europe's leading car market

Even with 50-60 years of the last century European cars have become known throughout the world for their high quality and reliability. The main differences of European cars from the rest - left wheel and reliability on the road, as well as higher requirements for environmental cleanliness. All models of cars are equipped with airbags. The most prestigious models, Proven on the roads of Europe, this brand Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Volvo, Mini and Jagu. This is not surprising, since the European factories made to pay for the quality testing of vehicles the most attention. All defects are eliminated before the production of the vehicles in the European market.

Rating cars in Europe are so high because the design of the machine will satisfy even the most demanding customer. For example, are used for interior trim chrome surround dials dashboard, leather and other unique accessories. A BMW and Mercedes-Benz all recognized as the most beautiful cars of class "luxury", the kings of design.

Many of the cars, found the most reliable, it is produced in the Old World. For example, the most crashproof Honda Accord collected in Britain. In addition to the Accord, the United Kingdom also produces the Honda Civic and Toyota Avensis.

In addition, European manufacturers do not forget to please the Russian buyer interesting novelties. For example, from the Volkswagen Group is expected this year just three sensational premiere. First, restyled survive Golf, who had put themselves lights of EOS and funny parting wheel arches. Secondly, car veteran Sirocco survive the new birth (while is in its infancy as a concept Iroc). There is every reason to believe that VW is preparing a human model of green spider. In addition, the company has managed to intrigue and his sudden appearance of pre-model Tiguan, which in 2007 will be the standard and it is available (as long as it has not lost in the conversion of its charm).

For the most part the majority of European cars are also their capacity, well suited for any tracks, rare failure.


Buyer, priobretayushy cars of Europe must be prepared to the fact that in his car in the first place can fly brakes, suspension, lighting, and can also cause problems because of the oil leak and exhaust system failure. This - weaknesses of European cars, so when buying a car, pay for these items special attention.

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